Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ)

In March of 2017, the EPA designated the Baton Rouge area as attainment for ozone based on the 2008 NAAQS of 75 parts per billion. Baton Rouge area also attained with the new nonattainment 2015 standard for ozone as the NAAQS becomes 70 parts per billion for ozone. The LDEQ has decided to keep an ERC trading program for the Baton Rouge area at the state level, even though has complied with the EPA 2008 and 2015 NAAQS.

ERCs are available for two different pollutants:

Pollutant Major Source or Major
Modification at an existing
major source in a nonattainment parish
Nitrogen oxides (NOx) >50 tons/year
Volatile organic compounds (VOC)​ >50 tons/year

New or modified major facilities in nonattainment areas must obtain ERCs to satisfy the offset ratio requirements for proposed emission increases. The offset ratio for marginal nonattainment area for ozone is 1.1 to 1. That means if 100 tpy of VOCs are emitted from a proposed new or modified major facility in a marginal nonattainment area for ozone, the facility must obtain 110 tpy of ERCs to offset the increase in VOC emissions.

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